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homepage_imgWelcome to AZ Marijuana Laws. Our website is dedicated to resourcing the answers you are looking for and getting you in touch with the legal help you require to initiate or secure your business or well being.

Recently the laws have accepted marijuana use in the State of Arizona under certain guidelines and restrictions. For some this can be a gateway to their new business or allow their medical marijuana consumption to be legal. Having all these new laws in place also allow for improper usage and may still be a felony in the State of Arizona. Before you open a marijuana dispensary, grow marijuana or obtain a medical marijuana card in Arizona, it’s important that you know your legal rights.

Our website provides you the complete portal for understanding the Laws on Marijuana in the State of Arizona and provides you will legal help you require.

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In some states, there’s an untenable mismatch between the crime and the time, but does anyone think that pot—medical or recreational—will still be illegal in 10 years? Now that a majority of Americans—54% and climbing, according to Pew Research—believe that marijuana should be treated like beer, wine and liquor, it’s time to ask: where does ... Read More

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